Our Story

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Liberto was created by two passionate foodies. It is grounded in integrity, passion and a huge love for live.

We believe that food is not just something that physically nourishes our bodies – it plays a greater role in our lives. It is central to celebrations, entertainment and mourning. 

It is social currency.
It welcomes.
It brings people together.
It comforts.
It impresses.
It is a source of pleasure. 
It is a backdrop for conversation, tears and laughter.
It is a way of caring for ourselves and for our loved ones.
Food is life, in the broadest sense of the world.

At Liberto, we believe we all deserve to be able to eat a healthy wholesome diet that doesn’t compromise on taste.

All totally gluten-free & organic. All totally delicious.

That is why we’ve developed a range of quality, organic and delicious products, full of nature’s goodness that also happen to be gluten-free. We strongly believe that delicious, high quality, wholesome, nutritious gluten-free food should be something everyone can enjoy without compromise. 

Our mission:

Liberto exists to improve people’s lives by making nutritious and delicious food available to everyone. 

Our values: 

  1. Do it with passion
    We pour our heart and soul into everything we do. We radiate energy and excitement.
  2. Champion equality
    We believe that no one deserves to be on the periphery and work hard to effect change.
  3. Never compromise
    We always strive to do the right thing, even if it comes at a cost. Our values matter.
  4. Make it personal
    We believe in having a human touch. We never behave like a faceless corporation.
  5. Have respect
    We value our customers, consumers, colleagues and the planet, treating them well.

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