Hot Apple Pie Protein Shake
Gluten free (but not if Biscoff is added), Dairy free, Egg free, Vegan, Vegetarian. Top tip: keep the skin on the apple to boost the fibre!
1 mug
1 mug
  • 200ml Almond MilkWe love Califia Farms Unsweetened
  • 20g Liberto Organic Vanilla Flavoured Protein ShakeThis is 2 heaped tablespoons
  • 2tsp Almond Butter
  • 2tsp Biscoff SpreadOptional: note this contains gluten
  • 1large Granny Smith Apple
  • 0.5tsp cinnamon
  1. Chop the apple (skin on!) and add all the ingredients to a blender. Blitz well.
  2. Warm the shake gently in a pan. Serve in your favourite mug.
Recipe Notes

The probiotic used in our protein shakes, Bacillus Coagulans, survives high temperatures so these hot shakes still have all the gut benefit!