What’s in a Portion?

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A portion of Liberto bean pasta really packs a punch….

What’s a portion?

One box of Liberto bean pasta contains around 4 servings, 50g of our pasta (a quarter of the box) is a small handful (as shown above).

What’s in a portion?

Our pasta is high in protein and fibre, so it is very filling and a little goes a long way. You can even replace 25g with a spiralised courgette if you want to cut callories or add another portion of vegetables to your meal. Check out our recipe which uses spiralised courgette –  Creamy Vegan Avocado & Courgette Edamame Fettuccini.


Our pasta is nutritionally impressive – beating regular, wholewheat, rice, corn and even lentil pasta in its content of fibre & protein while being much lower in carbohydrate. See the figures below….


Per 50g dry weight Energy Carbs Protein Fibre
Liberto Edamame Fettuccine    173 7.5 23 9
Standard Spaghetti 171 37 6 3
Brown Rice Pasta 175 36 3.8 1.6
Corn & Rice Pasta 174 39 3.7 0.7
Lentil Pasta 168 25 13 3.8
Green Pea Pasta 167 27.5 10 4.4


The numbers really speak for themselves don’t they!

So why not get cooking with our recipes for inspiration.


*Data gathered from market leaders’ online product information




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23 thoughts on “What’s in a Portion?”

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What's in a Portion? – Liberto

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