Plant based eating is one of the top lifestyle choices to reduce your carbon footprint

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We know that plant based eating is healthy, however did you know it is also good for the environment?

A new study from Lunt University has identified the actions that have the greatest impact on an individual’s carbon footprint. Plant based eating is in the top four!

The study, published in July this year, analysed data from 39 peer-reviewed articles, carbon calculators and government sources to quantify the most high-impact personal lifestyle choices in developed countries.

“There are so many factors that affect the climate impact of personal choices, but bringing all these studies side-by-side gives us confidence we’ve identified actions that make a big difference. Those of us who want to step forward on climate need to know how our actions can have the greatest possible impact. This research is about helping people make more informed choices,”  Lead author Seth Wynes.

They found that, on average, eating a plant-based diet saves about 0.8 tonnes CO2-equivalents per year. That is about the same as a single transatlantic flight from London to New York!

Plant based eating saves about 4 times more greenhouse gas emissions per year than recycling. Similarly, switching from plastic to canvas bags is less than 1% as effective for the climate as a year without consuming meat.

The carbon emissions associated with a meat eating diet includes emissions from fertilizers, methane production by livestock and transport of food to retail centres.

Kimberly Nicholas, associate professor at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies and study co-author, says,

“We hope this information sparks discussion and empowers individuals,”.

To read the full study please click here.

Happy Plant Based eating all!

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