Myth Buster: Is all Soya genetically modified?

February 22nd, 2019 Posted by About Beans, Health & Nutrition 0 thoughts on “Myth Buster: Is all Soya genetically modified?”

We continue our mini-series of myth busters with another question we are frequently asked. Is all Soya genetically modified (GMO)?


The short answer, No!

Much of the world’s Soya crops are genetically modified, to improve yield. In the USA, one of the largest producers of soya, 93% of Soya crops are GMO!

However, the Soya used in Liberto products is Organic. This means, irrespective of origin, is not genetically modified.

Strict Organic farming regulations forbid the use of genetically modified crops.

So you can be rest assured when enjoying Liberto products that they are as nature intended!

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