From Bean to Pasta

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How do we make pasta from beans?

We often get asked this question at shows, so here is a blog to guide you through the process from fresh bean to pasta on your dinner plate.

1. Harvest – our organically grown soya beans are picked in peak condition
2. Cleaning – the beans are carefully washed and sieved
3. Pressing – the beans are pressed down to a pulp
4. Crushing – the beans are crushed further to form a finer pulp
5. Blending – to make a really effective aid fine evenly textured ‘dough’
6. Shaping – the bean ‘dough’ is moulded into a sheet
7. Drying – any moisture is removed to ensure a long life
8. Cutting – the sheet is cut into the correct pasta shape – fettuccine or spaghetti!


As you can see the process of bean to pasta involves no additives or funny processes! This is why all our pastas are made from only 100% organic soya beans.

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